There are always those people who look as if they stepped straight from the pages of a top fashion magazine, wearing the latest trends as they eat at restaurants that take months to get a reservation for—if ever! And then there’s the rest of us, waiting for the local department store to get last year’s jumpsuits as we dine on burgers from our favorite bar; it’s not trendy, but we’re incredibly happy to be where we are! But when you visit Steamboat Springs, you have a “secret” trendsetter guiding you to the trendiest Steamboat Springs shops and restaurants in town: Our Resort Lodging Company staff have their ears to the ground to ensure your stay is happy, fun, and yes, trendy!

Fringe Boutique, 907 Lincoln Avenue

You know that neighbor that started wearing those jeans with the ripped-out knees or the suede booties with the chunky heel a few years back? Chances are, if she lived in Steamboat Springs, she was already shopping at the Fringe Boutique, and that’s the first place on our list of trendsetting boutiques! Offering everything from faux fur hoodies to porcupine quill earrings, a visit to Fringe isn’t just a shopping spree; it’s a shopping experience you won’t ever forget!

Laundry, 127 11th Street

No, we’re not suggesting you wash the clothes you just purchased from Fringe Boutique. Laundry is a small plates restaurant that specializes in strong cocktails and innovative bites; it just happens to be located inside what was once the Steamboat Laundry, hence the name! Their pork cheeks are our favorite, but as we work our way through the menu, we are discovering that everything offered could easily become our favorite.

Urbane Clothing, 703 Lincoln Avenue# B101

When we think of trendy, we tend to picture women’s clothing and accessories, but in Steamboat Springs, men want to be trendy as well, and Urbane Clothing is where they go to make sure their style is chart-topping! From checkered Vans to colorful beanies, the stylish man in your life will find everything he needs to stay at the top of his game at this Steamboat Springs shop. There’s even a small ladies’ section at Urbane to keep you occupied as well!

Table 79 Food Bar, 345 Lincoln Avenue

Delicious, innovative, and hearty,the food served at Table 79 is designed to please,and anyone who is anyone manages to find their way to this local hot spot for a bite and a sip! From their smoked elk and chorizo meatball small plates to their S’mores Pot de crème, your taste buds will be singing at first bite! Don’t forget to try their special concoctions as well; their cocktail menu is another reason they are so popular!

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Staying trendy is easy when you choose Resort Lodging Company for your Steamboat vacation accommodations. Stylish, charming, and comfortable, our properties will be the highlight of your getaway—reserve yours today!