Touristing in Steamboat Springs can be a hungry business. You spend your day’s shopping, skiing, hiking, shopping, exploring, and then more shopping, and by the end of the day you feel as if you could eat the proverbial horse! Fortunately, our mountain town is blessed with a plethora of cozy dining establishments, après ski spots, and restaurants that serve innovative and imaginative meals. But sometimes all you can think about, all you can dream about is a simple slice of pizza. These five Colorado pizza places are our favorites when the craving hits; why not try them out and see if you agree?

Brooklynn’s Pizza, 57 10th Street

One of the best things about Brooklynn’s—aside from the delicious Colorado pizza—is how late they stay open! Closing time isn’t until 1 AM, and if you walk in at 12:30, they will happily serve you whatever you need; the kitchen closes at 1AMas well! Also offering delivery, their hand-tossed and handmade pies taste great no matter what time of day or night!

Blue Sage Pizza, 685 Marketplace Plaza

Pizza is the most versatile dish on the table, offering options for everyone from vegans to hardcore carnivores and everyone in between, and just when you think you’ve seen all the different variations, someone comes along and adds wild boar meatballs to the mix! But for those times when all you want is a simple slice of pepperoni served on a metal tray in a friendly place, Blue Sage Pizza is where you need to go. Serving the classics the way you love them—without pretension and created with love—this spot has been a local tradition since they first opened their doors.

Colorado Pizza at Mazzola’s Italian Restaurant, 917 Lincoln Avenue

From the moment you walk in the door until the moment, it is time to leave again, Mazzola’s offers an Italian dining experience. Serving pizzas, classic old country dishes, and sweet desserts in an atmosphere that invites laughter and chatter and is warm and welcoming, your Colorado vacation will be better just by stopping in and becoming a part of the Mazzola’s family!

Slopeside Grill, 1855 Ski Time Square Drive

Skiing uses up a lot of energy, and when you are weak and famished and don’t think your legs will take you much further, Slopeside Grill comes to the rescue! Located so close to the trails you’ve been schussing down all day you can see them from the window, the meals served here are hearty and designed to fuel up those engines that have been depleted in the snow! Everything they serve is wonderful, but it’s the Colorado pizza that has our hearts. Go ahead and order the Yard Sale with everything on it; this is one-time calories really don’t matter!

Soda Creek Pizza, 1585 Mid Valley Drive

It’s your last night in town, you still have packing to do. You’re tired, hungry, and can’t handle the thought of leaving your warm and cozy Resort Lodging Company Colorado escape. What do you do now? Call 970-871-1111 and within minutes a giant hot and gooey Chicago-style pizza will arrive at your door like magic! Soda Creek Pizza does what chain pizza restaurants have been doing for years, only with much more flavor and imagination, making it the perfect way to end your perfect Steamboat Springs vacation!

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