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Steamboat Ski Safety

You’ve been excitedly planning your trip for weeks now, thinking about all the right clothes to pack, and all the fun things you will do on your vacation. But have you thought about staying safe while on the slopes? It may not be as much fun to think about as imagining the wind in your face, and a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace in the evening, but a little safety planning can go a long way toward ensuring you have a great Steamboat Ski vacation.

First Things First – Get in Shape!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check with your doctor that you are healthy enough for this strenuous exercise. Most important are a healthy heart, and strong, flexible leg muscles. Ensure that you’re ready by adding a few extra exercise sessions to your routine in the weeks before heading out on your trip.

Dress Accordingly

Yes, it will be cold in the snow. However, skiing is a very physical activity, and you will also get hot and sweaty at times. You want to dress appropriately in layers, so that you can remove them as needed and not overheat. Long underwear is an important layer, thin but very warming, that will keep you comfortable on the slopes. A helmet is also important, not only to protect you from an injury but also to keep you warm, as most body heat is actually lost through the head. Gloves are also key for preventing frostbite.

Sun Protection

You may be thinking, what? Sun protection? But it’s going to be cold there! While that is true, it’s also vital to protect yourself from the sun. With all the things to do in Steamboat outdoors, all that bright white snow acts as a great sun reflector, so you can actually get sunburned twice as quickly when skiing as at other times. Additionally, the sun is stronger at a high elevation, so you’re at extra risk. A good sunscreen and googles to protect your eyes are extremely important.

Equip Yourself Properly for Things to Do in Steamboat

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, it’s important to consult with a professional to make sure you have the right equipment and that it all fits properly. Rent your equipment from Christy Sports; they will make sure it fits. Especially important are the boots, as many ski accidents are caused by loose boots. Tight boots can also cause shin splints and other injuries. Check your bindings every time you get on the chair lift, and exercise caution in getting off the lift as well. If trekking into remote areas, be sure to take a compass and your cell phone in case of emergency.

Practice Makes Perfect

There’s no shame in taking a Steamboat Ski lesson or two, even if you’ve skied before. It’s important to make sure your skills are not too rusty before you head down-slope! Beginners should definitely spend a few hours learning the ropes before they ski or snowboard on their own.
If you exercise the proper precautions, your ski vacation will only be filled with fun and happy memories! Then, reminiscence on those memories from the comfort of a Steamboat Vacation Rental from Resort Lodging Company!