Songs about rainy days have flooded the airwaves for decades, but very few of these songs praise the benefits of a rainy day. All this negativity about rain is getting us down, so we’re about to show you all the fun that can be had during your rainy-day explorations of Steamboat Springs. Grab an umbrella and prepare for adventures that will be the highlight of your vacation with these rainy day Steamboat Springs activities!

Sample Some Ice Cream

Your summer vacation to Steamboat Springs is about to become more delicious than you ever thought it could be. Lyon’s Drug, located at 840 Lincoln Avenue, offers the old-fashioned drug store experience you remember from your childhood—and that includes delicious ice cream to be shared with your entire family! The granite-countered soda fountain is the place to get milkshakes, sandwiches, and your favorite flavor of ice cream as the summer showers fall gently outside.

Visit a Brewery

Only in Colorado can you go from ice cream parlors to breweries with nary a blink, and the Mountain Tap Brewery offers tours and tastings for your drinking pleasure. Featuring many local craft brews as well as domestic and foreign ones, make sure you take a cab or a rideshare so you can ride out the rain with as many brews as you like!

Stay Chill

Even in Steamboat Springs the summer temps can get a little toasty, and when you add a little rain to the mix, muggy, icky, and sticky may be the adjectives you use to describe your state of being—unless you take this time to visit the Howelsen Ice Complex, located at 285 Howelsen Parkway! Offering bumper cars on ice as well as the standard freestyle ice skating hours, you can glide away the minutes until the rain stops, feeling chill and happy on your Colorado vacation with a ton of fun Steamboat Springs activities!

Take a Nap After All These Great Steamboat Springs Activities

In our humble opinion, rainy days are perfect for sleeping late and taking naps, and your Resort Lodging Company cozy cottage, cabin, or condo is designed to give you the best sleep you’ve ever had. Cloud soft beds tucked away in bedrooms that are havens of peace and quiet send out a siren call on a lazy, rainy Tuesday afternoon; who can blame you for answering the call and getting in a few extra Z’s? Check out our deals and reserve your stay today in one of our beautiful properties, including our two-bedroom and three-bedroom rentals at La Casa!