While every season brings something wonderful to Steamboat Springs, winter is the one that makes us all sigh in delight as we say to ourselves, “THIS is why I live here!” The cold weather is invigorating when you wear the right clothing, the snow covered landscape is achingly beautiful, and spending more than a few hours on the slopes allows us to keep in shape during a season that many others find themselves gaining more than a pound or two. If you’ve been pondering a Steamboat Springs getaway in the winter and a stay in one of our Resort Lodging Company winter escapes, ponder no longer. The season (and the fun!) begins in just a few short weeks; start making your plans today!

Those Views Will Keep You Warm

Vacations in our winter escapes are filled with quiet moments of happiness from your first steps inside to your final reluctant steps away at the end of your stay. Featuring fully equipped kitchens so cheerful and bright, they entice you to fix yourself another cup of cocoa and sit at the breakfast bar just a few minutes more, living areas with fireplaces that act as romantic ambience as well as portals of warmth, and bedrooms furnished with beds so soft, rolling over for an extra 10 more minutes of sleep may become your habit during your stay. But it’s those views of the Steamboat Springs landscape, available from nearly every room in the house, that will convince you that this was the best decision EVER! Steamboat Springs is at its finest when blanketed in soft white snow, especially when the night sky is lit up by the twinkling of a billion stars. Stand by the window and prepare to be amazed; those stars are plentiful and breathtakingly beautiful!

Snowmen, Hot Springs, and Hot Air Balloon Rides

Your Steamboat Springs winter adventures can be small moments filled with laughter and family, such as building a snowman in the front yard, or grand ones that will take your breath away, such as floating above the clouds in a colorful hot air balloon. The only limit to your fun is the limits of your own imagination. Soak in the hot springs at Old Town Hot Springs as the clouds of moisture rise into the sky, ski at night with the sky above turning a velvety purple as you schuss your way down the mountain by the light of Ultra-Tech lighting, or attend the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, held in February from the 5th to the 9th, celebrating the season we all love so much.

Choose Resort Lodging Company for Your Lodging Needs

When only the best will do, the best choose Resort Lodging Company. Reserve your stay with us today!