It may be hard to believe, but the carefree days of summer have ended, and as the nights grow longer and cooler, it’s time to start planning your holiday activities, including one of our favorites, Thanksgiving! The good news is we’re getting that much closer to your favorite feast, but the bad news is we’re also getting that much closer to the work that accompanies the celebration—unless you start planning a Thanksgiving getaway to Steamboat Springs! Offering a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family, this guide will help make sure this Steamboat Springs Thanksgiving is a memorable one.

Thankful for a Break

The holiday season traditionally begins on Thanksgiving, and the next four or five weeks can be stressful and busy, but your Steamboat Springs getaway promises to be a break you richly deserve. Sleep late in our soft beds, start each day with coffee, or take a walk around the community in which our Resort Lodging Company Thanksgiving escapes are located. This break will revive and reenergize, and because you’re spending it with immediate family, it will tighten the bonds between you!

Thankful for the Feast

The tangy taste of cranberry sauce, the savory bites of turkey, and the sweet and mouthwatering first bite of pumpkin pie are what we dream about all year, and just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the deliciousness! Our kitchens are fully equipped and designed to make meal prep an easy experience; if you feel like cooking for yourself, you can purchase all the ingredients at Wild Plum. Safeway offers a fully cooked meal if you don’t want to go out but also don’t want to cook, while many restaurants will be open and offering special Thanksgiving meals. If you don’t want a standard Thanksgiving feast, places like E# Chophouse and Vaqueros will be featuring their usual menus; it’s ok to be thankful for tacos and tequila as well!

Thankful for Bargains

Black Friday shopping isn’t just a thing in your hometown; Steamboat Springs offers exciting deals and bargains that will keep you from missing the shops back home! Because every year is different, we can’t tell you for sure if any of our local stores will open at midnight, but we do know that all the stores in Steamboat Springs will be open for business on Friday. Stop by Moose Mountain Trading Company and pick up something wonderful for yourself or any of the women in your family!

Resort Lodging Company is the Right Choice for Your Steamboat Springs Thanksgiving

The holidays can be stressful, but a visit to the area and a stay in one of our Steamboat Springs Thanksgiving escapes can help you prepare for the season ahead. Reserve your vacation home with us today and start your holiday season off right!