Whenever we think about the Memorial Day holiday, we begin to feel such a mixture of emotions:sorrow for the brave soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom, pride for our country and the freedoms it offers, and excitement for the jumping off point to the summer! And while the meaning of this late spring holiday is an important and impactful one, it doesn’t mean we will ignore the importance if we have fun. Following this guide to Steamboat Springs Memorial Day events will allow you to pay homage to the heroes and have a weekend you will never forget!

Kick Off the Steamboat Springs Memorial Day Weekend with a Bargain

The Steamboat Springs Sidewalk Sale is an event we wait for all year,and because you planned a Memorial Day getaway to our mountain village, you’ll get the opportunity to see what the “big deal” is all about! Taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather, many of our local vendors set up shop on the sidewalks of downtown Steamboat Springs, offering tremendous discounts on the wares they sell! Get your souvenir shopping done early, because there’s a lot more in store for you this weekend!

Soak in Natural Surroundings

Named after the many hot springs in the area, it would be a crime to travel all this way and miss out on a soak in the natural hot springs that dot the landscape of town.Strawberry Park Hot Springs and Old Town Hot Springs are the most popular spots in town. Feeling especially wonderful after a long hike along the trails that traverse the area, if you’ve never experienced one before, this is the perfect time to try!

Take a Moment

On Memorial Day at noon, the Steamboat Springs Cemetery is the place to be as local veterans from different posts offer a special memorial service honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The service is dedicated to local heroes, but there’s no reason you can’t take a moment to pay homage to the heroes in your life; honoring American soldiers who paid the ultimate price is what this holiday is all about.

Sleeping Late, Cinnamon Rolls, and Backyard Barbecues

And finally, just because you aren’t at home doesn’t mean you have to skip any of the above activities! Our Steamboat Springs holiday escapes offer beds so comfortable you’ll never want to leave, close proximity to Winona’s, home of the best cinnamon rolls in the world, and a place to grill up your favorite all-American meals. Reserve your stay with us today and make this a  Steamboat Springs Memorial Day to remember!