Our parents taught us well, and as such, we can’t lie to you: The landscape of Steamboat Springs is one of the most beautiful in all the US! This little fact is a good thing for you because it means you can’t miss out on the beauty, but it does make it a little more difficult for us as we try and guide you to the spots we think are the most scenic! Like choosing your favorite child, this near impossible task has made us sweat a little, but after a lot of thought, exploration, and discussion amongst ourselves, we have come up with this guide to ensure you experience the absolute best of what to do in Steamboat Springs!

Fish Creek Falls, 34165 Fish Creek Falls Road

In our minds, there is nothing more stunningly beautiful than the sight of a waterfall splashing down to earth, and this 280-foot waterfall is one of our favorites! Located just a few minutes away from downtown Steamboat Springs, the easiest way to get there is to take US40 to 3rd Street and turn at the Post Office onto Fish Creek Falls Road for about 3.4 miles. Beautiful during any season, visitors have the choice of exploring the lower falls which is only a ¼ mile walk, or for the more adventurous, daring, and experienced hikers, discovering the breathtaking delights offered at the upper falls!

Yampa River Botanic Park, 1000 Pamela Lane

We love it when a place is both beautiful and easy to find, and the Yampa River Botanic Park, found just off US40, is such a place! The only downside is this lush and verdant section of paradise is that it’s only open from spring until winter (or the first heavy snowfall, whichever comes first!), so be sure to plan accordingly if your life will be incomplete without a visit to this sweet park. Featuring plants native to the area, charming statues of oversized frogs and sweet little girls, and offering views of the Yampa River that flows next to it, the serenity you discover during your visit will linger long after you have left.

Howelsen Hill Ski Area on Howelsen Parkway

When you want to see as many of the scenic spots as possible and discover what to do in Steamboat Springs, you don’t need to trek all over town; just go up! Up the mountain, that is to Howelsen Hill Ski Area, the oldest ski area in the state. Open since 1915, the beauty of this spot has long been loved by visitors from all over the world, especially once they discover that 89 Olympians have honed their skills in this historic ski area. For the easiest way to get to the ski area, you’ll want to head southwest on 6th Ave towards Lincoln Avenue then turn left on Yampa Avenue. From there, turn right on 5th Street and again on Howelsen Parkway. The ski area is about a third of a mile down the road.

What to Do in Steamboat Springs on Your Resort Lodging Company Back Deck

Sometimes the most scenic spots are within steps of where you sleep, such as the back deck of your Steamboat Springs vacation escape! Reserve your stay with us today and enjoy an endless amount of eye-catching sights!