They say leave your daily life behind when you’re heading out for a vacation. That may be true for work-related stress, but it definitely doesn’t apply to your love for java. This is something you can enjoy every day of your vacation thanks to the great coffee shops in Steamboat. Because just as with your normal days, a vacation morning starts just right with a hot cup of coffee. Read more to learn about the best coffee shops in Steamboat Springs.

Off the Beaten Path Bookstore

Bookstores and coffee go hand in hand. They’re like Sonny and Cher or peanut butter and jam. You grab your coffee, find a good book, and you settle down for a couple of hours. It’s bliss. And Off the Beaten Path Bookstore has got the best of both worlds: great coffee and a wide selection of best sellers. On top of that, their treats are fresh and yummy. Whether you’re just starting your day, or you want to kill a few hours while waiting for the evening fun to start, this is the place to treat yourself to the joys of java and books.

Mountain Brew

If you don’t like the hype around big coffee shop names and still prefer to enjoy your morning brew at a quaint, family-owned and -operated business, then MountainBrew is where you should go. You’ll find it tucked away on 5th and Oak. The atmosphere is welcoming and quite friendly. The staff meets you with a smile and the pastries are fresh and dainty. The lattes and scones really go down smoothly together. Their quiche and sandwiches are worth exploring as well. It’s definitely one of the best coffee shops in Steamboat Springs!

Lil’ House Country Biscuits & Coffee

Out of the many great coffee shops in Steamboat, this one stands out. And one of the main reasons that make it such a popular coffee shop is the fact that it offers a taste of North Carolina right at the heart of Steamboat. The coffee is delicious and authentic and so too are the home-baked biscuits. Try “The N.C.” for a genuine taste of the Carolinas that is both delectable and affordable.

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