Sometimes our journeys in life bring us the quiet moments we will never forget, and at other times the same journeys bring us to the exciting and the adventurous. When your journey brings you to Steamboat Springs, you are sure to experience a little of both—especially when you follow this guide to three unusual Steamboat Springs attractions and activities found in the area! The quiet moments will be found in the time you spend in one of our Resort Lodging Company vacation escapes, while your excursions into the unique offerings of our area will bring you memorable moments of excitement and joy!

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo

There was a time when rodeos were commonplace events and our children grew up perched on the railings, watching cowboys show off their skills in the corral. Today, however, unless you live in the west, they are few and far between, so your visit to Steamboat Springs and our Pro Rodeo promises to be an exciting one! This summertime event takes place on Fridays, Saturdays, and on July 4th and offers great food as well as the opportunity to watch cowboys do what they do best! Special kids events allow your youngsters to get an even closer and more personal experience to enjoy!

Strawberry Park Hot Springs Naked Dip

Even though we have participated in this activity more than a few times, it’s still a thrill each time we disrobe and slip into the naturally warm waters of the hot springs—after dark, of course! Once the sun sets and the stars begin twinkling, it’s time to enjoy one of the best outdoor Steamboat Springs attractions to the fullest. Offering springs and streams of varied temperatures, the most popular way of enjoying the springs is by going back and forth between the cold river waters and the balmy hot springs; a procedure that is rumored to help with your health and circulatory problems! Strawberry Park Hot Springs is of course 18+ only after dark, so leave the kids at home for this activity!

Ice Climbing Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls is a popular spot for visitors to Steamboat Springs all year-round, and in the winter the daredevils come out to climb its frozen cliffs! Using the same equipment used by mountain climbers all over the world, the falls are perfect for first-time ice climbers. More experienced climbers may feel the simplicity of this climb may be beneath them, but we look at it as a way of perfecting techniques that need to be used in more complex areas!

Warm and Welcoming Steamboat Springs attractions

The quiet moments of your Steamboat Springs adventures will be brought to you courtesy of our Resort Lodging Company vacation escapes; reserve yours today!