It’s happened enough that your palms start to sweat as you yank your heavy suitcase from the back of your car and wait in line to check your bags. Is this going to be another time when your overstuffed luggage is going to cost you extra in order to fly? We feel your pain, having suffered through this ourselves more times than we care to admit, and because we don’t want any unhappy surprises for you on your Steamboat Springs travel getaway, we are providing this guide to traveling light! Saving you money on one hand and allowing you to purchase more goodies on the other, your Colorado vacation promises to be the trip of a lifetime!

Rent Skis and Ski Equipment in Steamboat Springs

Skis, goggles, and ski clothing can take up a lot of room in your luggage and is largely unnecessary to carry with you unless you are particularly attached to your own equipment. You can rent everything you need on the slopes, or at any of the sports shops found in town, which offer upgraded equipment at reasonable prices; some will even deliver your gear right to your vacation rental!

Make Use of the Laundry Room in Your Property

We all overpack at one point or another. We consider weather conditions, unplanned for accidents, and whether or not we are planning on dining with the queen and then just throw everything we own in the bag and hope for the best! Our laundry rooms, however, let guests pack light, and if you spill hot cocoa on your white thermal undergarments, you can wash them that night and wear them again the next day!

Pick up Necessities for Steamboat Springs Travel

Have a favorite snack? Don’t carry it with you; pick it up at the local Safeway and save storage space in your carryon for the souvenirs you KNOW you’re going to want to buy! Your favorite bath and body store has a location here in Steamboat Springs, but you can also use the samples we provide and save money and space! We offer towels and hairdryers in each of our properties, and if there’s anything else you want or can’t live without, we’re sure you will be able to find it in at least one of our local stores!

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