There may be times during your stay in one of our fabulous Resort Lodging Company vacation rentals that you may just not feel like stepping outside. Maybe it’s a cold and snowy evening in the middle of winter, or the appeal of the warm and cozy nature of our properties, or maybe you just don’t want to spend another meal eating out. You love to cook, and our fully equipped kitchens have been enticing you since you first dropped your bags on the bed on arrival. The siren’s call of Wild Plum, our local gourmet grocer, has been met, and because you read this first, you have already purchased the necessary ingredients for these three easy recipes that you can’t wait to cook in Steamboat Springs during your Colorado getaway!

3-Ingredient Chili

Let’s face it, after a frosty day on the slopes, nothing warms you up better than a big bowl of chili! And while the dish you make at home can be complicated and take a lot of time to create, this tasty 3-ingredient chili can perform the same purpose in a fraction of the time! You might want to include some toppings such as sour cream, shredded cheese, and chopped green onions, but other than that, all you need is a pound of ground beef cooked and drained, a can of undrained kidney beans, and a can of diced tomatoes; if you’re into a hint of spice, Rotel tomatoes will supply that heat you need! Mix everything together, boil over medium high, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes on medium low.

3-Ingredient Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast is the most versatile meal you’ll ever come across. You can eat it for lunch, dinner, a late-night snack, and of course, in the morning before you hit the slopes! This simple dish, made with a pound of ground turkey, 6 eggs, and your favorite salsa, can be tweaked to meet dietary issues or just to add a little more bulk to your meal; adding onions, peppers, or breakfast sausage adds a hearty and sophisticated touch to the dish. Start by thoroughly browning the meat of your choice, stir in the salsa, and then top with the eggs, covering the skillet for 7 minutes; tossing a handful of shredded cheese over the end results is a good idea as well!

Chocolate Hazelnut Mug Cakes

No vacation is complete without a rich and creamy dessert, and these chocolate hazelnut mug cakes make a perfectly simple finishing touch! You’ll need 1 cup of hazelnut spread, 2 large eggs, and ¼ cup of flour. Mix ¾ of the cup of hazelnut spread with the remaining ingredients, divide between 2 coffee mugs (you’ll find those in the cabinets; our kitchens are fully equipped!) microwave each mug for 2 minutes, cool for 5 minutes, and then top with the remaining ¼ cup of hazelnut spread. These rich desserts will satisfy the largest chocolate appetites!

Staying Inside Can Be Fun

It takes the pressure off a vacation expedition when you know you can stay in for an evening and still have a fun and satisfying time! Reserve your Resort Lodging Company escape today!